Gustav Damage

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Stepping out the front door... This branch went over the Blazer (old car on the street) and in between the Accord (new car) and the neighbor's car.  They're parked front to front with about 3-4 feet between them.  It hit hard enough to loge under the fence.  Talk about luck!
Roof damage from the wind.  During the height of the storm you could hear things pelting off the top of the roof.  Whatever it was, it was loud. Busted limb on the tree and roof damage. A view showing the space that limb flew through, although now I think it may have hit the hood of the Accord.  There's some decent scratches on it that weren't there before.  BTW, the base of the limb is 4-5" thick and is just hidden by the front bumper of the Accord.
Street light dangling in the wind about 7 feet off the ground. Those yellow things in the grass are street lights ripped off their wires.  Thankfully they came to this side instead of the other, which is where I work.  Would have made a mess of the store front (all glass), boards or no boards. [iPhone]
Photos 1 - 12 out of 15 | Back to Albums
Description: A view after Gustav rolled through...

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