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Lifting Ryon's TJ Lifting Ryon's TJ
Before & After the Rough Country lift kit. Thanks to the wonderful world of corrosion, this took way longer than expected.
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Cover Photos Cover Photos
3 photos
Trail Damage Trail Damage
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Thanksgiving Boredom Thanksgiving Boredom
Got bored, so I hit the range with my bow. Haven't shot in quite a while, felt really good to get back out. Only shot for 30 mins or so, but managed quite a few good groups and even RH'd twice. All at about 30 to 35 yards. Got to do this more often.
13 photos
Sicily Island 11.12.2011 Sicily Island 11.12.2011
21 photos
Easley Trip March 20, 2011 Easley Trip March 20, 2011
2 photos
Easley Trail Maintenence 09.18.11 Easley Trail Maintenence 09.18.11
9 photos
Easley Trip - 05.30.2010 Easley Trip - 05.30.2010
Easley ride with LA4x4
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Easley Trip - 07.17.2010 Easley Trip - 07.17.2010
It was too dark to take pics (night run) but I got a few of the aftermath. The rain washed a lot of the mud off and the damage is from someone sliding into me on a downhill.
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Reds vs. Cardinals (08.11.2010) Reds vs. Cardinals (08.11.2010)
16 photos
DTOR (aftermath) DTOR (aftermath)
Aftermath from the DTOR trip...
27 photos
Easley Trip - 09.20.2010 Easley Trip - 09.20.2010
3 photos
Cars Cars
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Snow Snow
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NOLA 02.07.2010 NOLA 02.07.2010
Superbowl Victory Party on Bourbon Street
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Random Stuff Random Stuff
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Archery Shots Archery Shots
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Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Remodel
Some shots of the "never-ending" remodel I'm doing of the kitchen at my condo.
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Funny Stuff Funny Stuff
4 photos
Family Family
50 photos
Gustav Damage Gustav Damage
A view after Gustav rolled through...
15 photos
EMT Paige EMT Paige
My god-daughter Paige at 18 months playing in the Ambulance just before we took her home to Wisconsin.
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Albums 1 - 22 out of 22
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