Rubicon Rails

Stock Rubicon Rails

This is a temporary solution until I get a set of Shrockworks Rails for real protection. Got these cheap and put them on for the November trip to Sicily Island as an added measure of protection. Those who know me know I’m not at all a fan of rock rails that mount to the body structure, especially on JK models. However for how little I paid these will be better than nothing. I do live in Louisiana and wheel here, not on the Rubicon Trail. As an added bonus they cover that ugly pinch seam nicely. They do block a bit of my rock lights, but not enough to be a hassle.

Sorry about the picture. I need to take one with them on, just haven’t found the time. I didn’t hit them once at Sicily Island, but had I not installed them I probably would have had the misfortune of hitting that seam. Everyone knows how dirty Murphy and his damned laws are.

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