LED Rock Lights

Oznium SuperFlux 4-chip LED Rock Lights (4 per wheel)

LA4x4 announced the Easley night ride and that made me think. I knew there was something I forgot to do. ROCK LIGHTS!

After looking at quite a few options, including LED strip, halogen lights and LED motorcycle pods I chose the Ozinum SuperFlux 4-cip LEDs. These things are very bright, very small, inexpensive ($2.99 each), waterproof, easy to wire (built-in resistor) and draw next to nothing power-wise (80mA each). All 16 have a total draw of 2.8 amps.

One per fender location would have been fine, but I went with two just for better light dispersion. I still have 4 extras that I’ll use in some manner. Maybe for under-hood lights (Jeep, what were you thinking not putting in a light here???) or maybe one on each side in the middle of the vehicle and the other two under the bumper. Time will tell.

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