Winch Installed

Milemarker HI9000 hydraulic winch w/Viking Offroad 3/8″ x 100′ synthetic winchline & safety thimble

The hole in the bumper is finally filled! Managed to snag a really good deal on a MileMarker HI9000 hydraulic winch. Looked around for a while and even considered a few electric versions, but the simplicity, reliability, 100% duty-cycle and sheer strength of the hydraulic won out. Wasn’t too keen on the $1100 price tag, but I did manage to find a sweet deal.

Someone at Autozone must have went insane, as I purchased it from their website for $734 plus free shipping (these things weight like 150 pounds boxed). They had some gift-card deal happening and I would have also received a $108 gift card, but I wanted more back. So I purchased a snatch block and two packs of shrink tube to make the order just over $801. This extra stuff (which I needed anyway) bumped me to the $130 gift card. All I can say is Thank You Autozone!

The first thing I did was ditch the stock 100′ of 3/8″ steel cable. That stuff is nasty to deal with and a huge danger should it ever snap. In its place I installed 100′ of 3/8″ Viking Synthetic Winchline with a safety thimble on the end. I debated using a hawse style fairlead, but in the end I already had a perfectly good new roller unit that came with the winch. After a bit of research, I’m glad I did. The roller unit will be much gentler on the winchline. Friction should be mostly eliminated and the life of the line increased.

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