New Radio and CB

Single DIN Clarion NZ500 Head Unit (GPS/Nav, Bluetooth, HD Radio,etc.)
Single DIN Cobra 18 WX ST II CB and 3′ Firestick II Antenna

Clarion Head Unit with Cobra CB

Finally, I ditched the horrible stock radio and the difference is night and day. All the extra features aside, the quality of sound (much better highs and mids) plus the higher output is well worth it. Of course the iPod/iPhone direct connection, bluetooth capability, SatNav and ability to use Sirius and HD Radio will also be welcome. Even has iTunes tagging for songs I might want to buy.

Decided to mount a single-DIN unit instead of the double-DIN. This allowed me space to mount a single-DIN CB radio below the head unit for a clean and easy install. Definitely a good place for the CB.

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