Monthly Archives: March 2010

Better Tunes

I finished installing the Boston Acoustic SL60 components I had lying around today.  I started yesterday but had to stop due to getting the tires mounted.  All I can say if these things were worth every penny.  I currently have them running off the stock radio and they sound really good (tons better than the stock components.)  Can’t wait to hear them on the GT-50 amp I have yet to install.  Probably going to bi-amp the SL60s (front channel to tweets, rear channel to mids) and run that G5 10″ sub off the 5th class D channel at 2 ohms.  Should sound amazing.

New Tires Installed

The stock Goodyear Wrangler ST tires are off and some BFG Mud Terrain KM2 tires are on.  The new size is 255/85-16 and measures out to about 4 inches larger than the stock ones.  Definitely makes a difference in the look and overall feel of the Jeep.  The ride is great for them being a mud tire.  Very little noise, even at 60mph with the top down.  I have them at 30psi and so far there isn’t a big difference is ride quality either.  You do feel a bit of rumble at slow speeds in parking lots, but that’s it.